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    Posted by Lee &Jennifer on March 2, 2022 at 8:31 pm

    Good Evening- thank you for all of your help! I’ve been watching your videos for months getting up the courage to take on this project. God bless you for all of the free information you provide!

    I have attached my floor plans and would like direction on where to start. I’ll be using Select Surfaces Laminate flooring (Sam’s club). I believe I should run the flooring East to West, but welcome your feedback. I’ll be laying the flooring in my Dining room, living room, foyer, hallway, closets, and Den. Please let me know the best place to start and any issues you think I may need to look out for.

    I’ve also attached pictures of a few trouble spots in the subfloor that I am hoping I can patch rather than replace and have asked questions about them below:

    1. In my hallway there is a large gash (removed glued down plywood underlayment) between the joints, and there is a small gap between them- I can see to the basement. Can I patch it with something like wood putty than Henry 549 over it to fill the gash? (first 3 photos after floor plan).

    2. By my front door their is a long gap between the subfloor joints- I can see the basement. I don’t want to replace the subfloor because its small piece (22.5×5) and I don’t think I can access the joists because they’re under the wall. I’m hoping I can caulk/wood putty patch it then 549 over it. The area is pretty strong. (second set of 3 photos)

    3. There is a hole in the subfloor that a cable coax cord was run through- do I need to plug it? If so, how? (last set of 3 photos)

    4. Also I have a lot of nail holes in the hallway that go straight through subfloor- they were not nailed into a joist so I pulled them out (my house was built in 90). I’ve screwed down the floor. Do I need to patch the nail holes?


    Lee &Jennifer replied 1 year, 12 months ago 2 Members · 9 Replies
  • 9 Replies

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