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  • Lynn Rogers

    October 6, 2021 at 11:37 am

    Hi Joe

    I have checked the floor under my carpet previously when I had a small leak and I am pretty certain the sub flooring is plywood or OSB. I know it is not concrete.

    The bedroom closets run on a track at the top of the opening so they will not cause any issues in the install.

    The small closet next to the living room that connects to the utility room has a bi-fold louvered door that slides on a track on the top of the doorway facing the living room. It folds to the outside left of the door when opened so it juts out slightly into the living room when open. The bi-fold door connects to the left side on the door facing at the top and the bottom so I will have to pull up the hardware on the bottom and reinstall it later.

    I do not want to move the hot water heater and stacked washer and dryer so I will have to end the planks at a transition where the linoleum flooring starts in the utility room. There is only an open doorway between the closet and the utility room and not an actual door. I am sorry I cannot send pictures yet of this area since I live a couple of hours away from my condo but I will be there on Friday.

    I totally agree with the plank direction that you have recommended! I just wasn’t sure where would be the easiest place to start laying the planks. Your recommendation of beginning in Bedroom 1 makes the most sense to me now.

    Thank you so much for the advice that you are providing!