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  • Sally

    September 1, 2021 at 6:00 pm

    Thanks very much for the video Joe, it’s perfect!

    What are your thoughts on securing the subfloor?

    If we are installing 1/2 inch plywood on top of the current 3/4 inch tongue and groove subfloor? What is the best approach for installing the plywood?

    For instance, do we use a two inch screw and first drive some screws into the tongue and groove subfloor along the joist every 8 inches to remove any squeaks? And then put the plywood on top and again run 2 inch screws along the joists?

    Or do we secure the tongue and groove subfloor with 2 inch screws along the joists. But then use something like a 1 inch screw to attach the plywood to the subfloor. I thought I should use a 1 inch screw here because I was worried about the screws penetrating through the bottom of the tongue and groove subfloor. I guess it’s a matter of securing to the joist or the existing subfloor.

    Also, should we use any glue/adhesive when attaching the plywood to the subfloor?

    And the last question, when we attach the underlayment to the plywood, do we attach the underlayment to the plywood – and if so, should the underlayment be glued and stapled to the plywood? Again, assuming the staples would only be 1/4 inch so as not to penetrate the subfloor?

    Thanks again!