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  • Tom

    August 27, 2021 at 2:08 pm


    Here are pictures of the LVP corner showing Tongue & Groove. This design T&G appears to go together well; tongue into groove or groove into tongue. The planking lays flat and the joint goes together well either way.

    Also, some updates on the drawing. You have the room naming correct. North is to the right, where the big arrow points. Planking runs N & S The house is full of furniture (& things) and shuffling that around is no fun but must be done. I had originally planned starting in the Main Hall and working into the rooms on the north side (Laundry & Kitchen) then the east bedroom. Saving the west bedroom and bath for last. That would have me working backwards in those two rooms and a couple closets.

    Recovery from surgery is usually a challenge, I have had my share. Do not overdo things, only spend a little time each day getting back into what used to be normal activities. No apologizes are necessary. My wife is having a knee replaced 10/1, the floor has to be down by then!!

    God Bless,