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  • Dale

    August 12, 2021 at 9:22 am

    Hi Joe,

    Thank you for the blueprint.

    1) You have the tongue and groove orientation wrong. The tongue is on the top and right (not top and left like you had in your blueprint video). So with that said I believe I should start at the front door and work left to right. My question is … should I start my first row in the closet near the front door? Or should I start my first row after the closet and come back to finish later like you suggested in the video? I wasn’t sure if the approach would change based on this tongue and groove orientation.

    2) My hallway is 37 5/8″ wide. So I moved the center line over half a plank and now my center line is 14 7/16″ from the wall So that is where I marked my center line. That means my plank should extend ~3″ into the bedroom doors. Going the other direction, it looks like my plank will land at roughly the same place with the plank extending into the door ~3″. So this looks like a good center line to work from.

    I measured to the wall in each of the bedrooms and here are the measurements from the center line

    – Bedroom #1 (farthest right on the blueprint) – The wall is 136 11/16″ from the center line.

    – Bedroom #2 (across the hall from bathroom) – The wall is 136 7/8″ from the center line.

    I am planning to start my flooring installation tomorrow (8/13), so your input if much appreciated.

    Thanks Joe!