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  • Lori

    August 11, 2021 at 10:54 am


    Here are the pics, unfortunately the underlayment is water damage around the sink so that part will have to be replaced.

    We were planning on leaving the stick on flooring on top of it while removing everything to keep the asphalt tiles incased. We could buy respirator’s and mask off the kitchen.

    Our floors aren’t in the best condition and I really wanted to have a clean slate and get it all one level. The living room has glued down old parque that is in ruff shape. Maybe we can repair the worst of it and still put 1/4 plywood over the top of it all.

    The black & white stick on flooring is thicker then the really cheap peel & stick that the box stores sell. Buy removing the peel and stick it should line up with the parque since it will all be down to original flooring which we could cover with the 1/4 plywood.