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  • Katherine

    August 11, 2021 at 9:13 am

    Hi Joe, Good questions in the video. Here are my responses:

    I don’t have a sample plank in hand to answer about the tongue and groove layout, but I can pick one up this week. And yes, let’s wait to complete the installation blueprint until I have that. It could be 6-7 weeks before my plank arrives, so we have plenty of time.

    Yes, I am keeping the ceramic tile in the bathrooms, so will add t-mold (?) transitions to those areas. And yes, that is a closet beyond the master bath and I will put LVP in it.

    I was actually thinking I’d run the plank N-S since the bedroom on the south side of the house is the master. Additionally, I thought it’d look better at the top of the stairs that way. Would you agree?

    Thanks for getting right on this! I’m so thrilled to have your help.