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  • Lance

    August 7, 2021 at 10:16 am

    Correct. It was filled in when this house was flipped before I purchased it. You can see in one of the first pictures I posted to this thread the difference between the old slab and where the sunken living room was filled in. It is the photo with the tile sitting on top of curved lighter gray area of the floor. I had to grind the thin-set off that area after pulling up the tile, because the thin-set couldn’t be scraped off that area like I was able to do on the rest of the old concrete slab.

    I am finally back from vacation, and I’m starting to get ready to move forward with repairing the cracks in the floor. Once the cracks are repaired, I have decided to move forward with using the self leveler to take care of all the other chips and tiny cracks in the old concrete slab.

    Question about the self leveler:
    With the addition to our home, the kitchen has been expanded (approx 5×10 area). I will use the self leveler in the old kitchen area since there are so many dips, chips & tiny cracks in the old concrete slab there. I was wondering if you think it would be OK to thin the self leveler out over the new concrete slab of the addition the further I get from the old kitchen? The kitchen area is what leads to all the rest of the new addition. I’d rather avoid using the self leveler in the new addition since the concrete slab there is so pristine. Seems like I could feather into the new addition, instead of spending the extra money on self leveler for that whole area as well.