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  • jason

    August 4, 2021 at 9:51 pm

    I did not buy planks yet, the joints on sample seem tuff I can break but not easily, and the butter knife test it doesn’t dig in but does leave a very fine scratch.

    I didn’t order planks because I didn’t know if you would know a good way to layout the walkway thru living room, or if you think its a bad idea and maybe should plank the entire living room instead. Tell me what you think and I will order planks.

    Will it help if I give measurements of floor plan and planks ,maybe order planks before you do my blueprint?

    a few notes

    Can I leave trim on wall and just install next to it ?

    I can send pictures of living room if you need me to.

    My wife wants planks to be parallel with the front door.