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  • Christian

    June 16, 2021 at 12:38 pm

    Joe, thanks for the quick reply.

    1) Living Room- you X’d out- will not be planked. That is correct.

    2) Direction is horizontal East-West- i am not sure when I will do the foyer/hallway- so i have decided to keep the direction same as the hardwood.

    3) Area to be vinyl planked- blue area- From kitchen extending to front of stairs- on a diagonal.

    a) Since the existing foyer wall is diagonal(where the hardwood is), is the diagonal way the right thing to do- from edge of wall to right side of stairs? Can I square it, instead of diagonal? Any ideals?

    b) Do I need a transition piece when butting to the carpet? OR can i just tuck in the carpet using staples?

    4) I do not have the planks yet- but i ordered Costco Mohawk-waterproof laminate, 6-1/8”W x 47-1/4”L (12mm thick) Right now, I have no idea where the tongue and grooves are.