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  • Ken

    May 31, 2021 at 6:26 pm

    Hi Joe. Thank you for replying. I’ve uploaded a new photo of floor plan (sorry about that). Yes, the planks will run north to south and be in hallway from front bedroom (by laundry), landing area, hallway extended to living room, in dining room and kitchen. I do not have a picture of plank. I will receive them in the upcoming week and provide a real photo then. The lock system is called valinge 5GC drop and lock. It clicks and locks into place.

    Some dimensions for the hall by laundry. The front bedroom doorway is 34 inches. The stair wood casing to laundry room tile is 47 inches. Small spot of hall between laundry and ac closet to stair casing is 42 7/8inches. Stair casing to tile in ac closet is 46 inches. If you would like pictures I can provide.

    I can give you any dimensions you would like. The landing and hallway is kind of complex (I think). Bumpouts and bumpins and tile in bath to opposite wall all vary in width. Walls seem to be off a little too.

    Also, I am not removing floor casing/molding. Molding is 3/4 inches thick and is 3/8 inch off cement floor. Plank is 5/16 thick and appears to fit under if need be.