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  • Peter

    May 25, 2021 at 11:37 am

    HI Joe – Thank you so much for the video. I feel like we are friends – Great!

    1. You are correct – that door is the backside of laundry room (the HVAC, water heater) sit there. I will be flooring the laundry room but will end the floor on a line before all the HVAC equipment. I’m guessing a simple transition strip or something glued over the edge there.

    2. I’m thinking North to South – however I yield to your advice.

    3. I picked an American product called Rokplank: its an SPC (Stone Polymer Composite) Rigid Core, Waterproof – Drop-Lock plank:

    My 10 board measurement: 71 7/16, (20) 142 7/8, (30) 214 5/16, (40) 285 3/4, (50) 357 3/16


    1) I didn’t see the glue stick from one of your videos on your tool section. I’m on concrete and will need to glue down the pieces to hold the first 4 rows. You also showed drilling with a hammer drill 3/8 bit and using a certain type of screw ?con -something.. I can do either

    for the stairs a I made a jig from a 4×4 and took 1/2 the thickness of the backside of the board with a hand router and heated the plank with a heat gun and formed a perfect bullnose.