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  • Teresa

    May 10, 2021 at 6:48 pm

    Hey Joe! No problem on the video! I got it and watched it. So to answer your questions I should have said that I definitely want to run the flooring from east to west. That is how we laid the bamboo and visually it just makes the most sense. The drawing I did isn’t to scale, but it is pretty close. The hall is proportionately longer than it appears in the picture (24 feet long from end to end). I don’t have to start in the master. I was just planning on painting in there and installing a closet system this summer so I just thought it would be a good time to do it all. I can really start anywhere. We started the bamboo flooring on the “south” wall at the front door. The bamboo flooring we put in is real bamboo (click and lock floating floor – 5/8” thick, 5” x 72”). You are right, we did a lot of up and down to make cuts. I have watched many of your videos – some multiple times. I wish I had that information when we were putting the bamboo in- I had several “Ah ha” moments – you make it look so easy. 😉 I do think that the LVP will be much easier to work with than the bamboo was. We renovated our master bath recently and I put LVP in there (temporarily until we did the whole house). It is a small bathroom, but it was easy to work with and turned out really nice. Anyway, I think that is all you were asking about – probably more information that you care to know too. LOL I do appreciate you getting back to me and I look forward to seeing the plan you come up with. I think we can do it too! Now I just need to convince someone else! 😉 Thanks again!