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  • Mark

    May 9, 2021 at 7:22 pm

    Hello Joe, I’ am writing today because I have decided to add the bedroom to the installation of vinyl flooring in a different color. As far as transitioning into that room you mention you don’t like transitions so please direct me in that case. Now, I have a few issues with the bedroom floor I’d like to ask your expert advise on. #1 is a floor panel length had some moisture or other kind of deterioration that has broken away. #2 is there are 3 holes through the floor that need to be addressed. I did see that home depot sells wood plugs of limited size to maybe go that route with. Onto the main floor where you can see floor self leveling compound(Henry’s 544 leveling compound) has been put down, however there is still between 1/4-1/2′ gap under the level stretching approximately 2′. This area with the short wall is the chimney that comes out into the main floor I was thinking to pour one more bag of leveler in that area and feather it out to close that gap a little better. That way with using the quiet walk under lay the planks will flatten out much better there. A little play on on one side of the plank length is what i see now. By the way the planks are advertised as 7″ wide not 6 15/16″ as is what I measured on the face only measurement so would it be safe to say 7″ as advertised?! Also I saw that the stair nose for use with the front door opening only comes in 12″ lengths so Im guessing I’ll have to butt 2 of those up to complete the length of the opening?! Great idea using those for this purpose.

    I have attached pis for you to see what Im talking about for each issue involved.

    And as always God Bless,