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  • Scott

    May 3, 2021 at 9:33 am

    Alright Joe, I went to Home Depot and they found some places online. I have yet to call there because I might have just enough to finish. Let’s see.

    Anyway, I have ran onto an issue with my stairs. I have overlapping stair nose laminate. Your video says to cut current stairs nose flush, I attempted to do that but the whole piece came out so there is half inch by half inch missing to make the riser and the subfloor flush. Should I cut some scrap particle board and glue and Brad nail in then mount stair nose? Or should I remove this riser, well I don’t think it is riser. It appears to be half inch plywood nailed to riser, but I dont know how far down it goes. I have already got myself in a little trouble because the skirt had some notched wood which I will have to figure out how to hide..

    I am going to move on with my install. I will wait for your response and just bring laminate up to end which will give me half inch expansion if you want me to add piece or if you have another option in mind, please let me know. I dont think that riser backing will pull easy.