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  • Angus

    April 22, 2021 at 12:16 pm

    Hi Joe,

    Thank you confirming my approach to the installation makes sense. Last night I removed the carpet and ran into a couple of issues I could use your advice on before I proceed.

    Ideally, I would be installing the planks through these 4-areas without transitions. However, in the pantry, laundry room, and bathroom there is a 1/4″ particleboard underneath the linoleum (see Transition.jpg photo). I do not see any visible fasteners on the particleboard, leaving me to believe it is secured with adhesive of some type. How do you typically address this type of situation? Is it better to try to remove the particle board or to build up the main room by adding particle board to get all of the rooms to the same level?

    I also discovered a wire mesh (see Fireplace_1.jpg and Fireplace_2jpg) underneath the brick fireplace sitting directly on the wooden subfloor. My original plan was to butt the flooring against the brick and use a moulding to finish the edge. Should I attempt to cut the wire back so it is flush to the brick or do I not need to concern myself with the difference in height (just under 1/8″)?

    Thanks again,