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  • Todd

    July 8, 2024 at 7:43 pm

    Hi Joe –

    Thanks to your advice, all my doorways came out with plank partially through the doorway….except for one. I am stumped on how to install the floor for this.

    The total span is 90 1/2″. The door is a 28″ door. The wall of the closet is 3.5″ (2×3 walls). The 7″ plank comes out so it will be on both sides of the doorway, about 2″ on one side and 1.5″ on the other. I believe I need to use a full 48″ plank to have the locking system at both ends. I can’t figure out how to position the planks so that I can “straddle” the jamb and wall.

    I would really appreciate your expertise on how you would do this.