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  • martin

    April 1, 2021 at 1:36 pm

    Hi Joe, thanks for the response!

    Yes it’s 12×24 inch and I was thinking about just offsetting every other row by half a plank (is this called a brick pattern?) BTW, is no offset an option? The installation document didn’t give me that option so the 1/2 seems like a good one.

    Good point about the extra work. After I posted and was thinking more on it, it also occurred to me that any extra work is a one time deal so making sure it looks great should be the goal. So you are absolutely right about not worrying about the extra time or work.

    So as far the transitions, we’ve already laid down flooring in bedroom#3 but we plan on putting different planking in the bedrooms. Is there anything I should know about the transitions?

    Thanks again joe, really appreciate your help and advice!