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  • Dennis

    April 1, 2021 at 10:27 am

    Thank you, Joe. We are on the same page, I was thinking the same thing as you regarding where to snap the lines so we are in agreement on that. In terms of your questions:

    1. The closet wall is not parallel to the north wall (off by 2 inches!) and there are too many jogs on the north wall so wasn’t sure where to measure from.

    2. The platform is against the wall so I won’t need to install behind the platform. Sorry about that.

    3. I will use the string method as you mentioned because the north wall is not straight.

    What might not have been apparent, is that the platform and closet wall are not in line with one another. So I can ensure that I do not end up with a short plank against the closet, but as I continue to the platform I may end up with a short plank there. It seems to me I can only choose one of those structures to ensure no short plank.

    A blueprint would be great, would you need a better picture that is drawn to scale?