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  • Wes

    June 3, 2023 at 11:26 am

    Current kitchen obviously has cabinets and such, but I’m planning to do a kitchen remodel sometime in the next few years. Not that I have much of a choice, but should I just plank around current cabinets now, and plan to just place new cabinets on top of the flooring when the time comes? Because I’m assuming I’ll add some cabinets.

    Also…as previously mentioned, I’ll likely remove some current (old house) bedroom/hallway walls and change the old bathroom walls. Plumbing and such will likely move. I don’t really want to wait to plank those areas, as the changes may not come for a few years. But… is that what I should do? Not plank that area yet? Can I frame on top of plank? When people remodel a planked area, do they generally have to rip the floor up? Even if they still want the same floor?