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  • Wes

    May 31, 2023 at 8:01 pm

    Just made it through the layout video. That is so much much for the instruction! So glad I found you. I’ll definitely bother you for your phone number when I get started.

    Ordered my Flooret yesterday. We’re kinda bummed, because they did not have our first choice (Catura) in stock, and don’t expect any until Sep/Oct. We can’t wait that long. So…second choice (Arbor) it is. Hopefully that doesn’t bother me for the next 40 years. Ordered 2000ish sq ft.

    Which one of your videos has a good explanation of the “glue the joint” method?

    Also…is it ok to use a shorter piece to accommodate some desired outcome, like having a joint in two separate doorways on the same row? Or should shorter pieces only be used at the ends of the rows? Hopefully that question makes sense. If the plank is 6’ long, would you ever use a shorter piece in the middle of the row or would that look “off”?