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  • Wes

    May 15, 2023 at 11:46 am

    OK, a few questions.

    Flooret’s base model is $2.95/sq ft. Signature is $4.50. I’d pretty much settled on Signature, but did some math and just wanted to make sure you think it’s worth it. I can afford Signature, and this is our forever home (I think), but I know in your video you said base was pretty good too. Seems to still have a better wear layer than Lifeproof or similar. Thoughts?

    Also…as you know the flooring is going into a home addition. It’ll be heated/cooled with several mini-split units, which are not yet installed (though they are plumbed). Due to several factors, the attic insulated yet and I’m not sure if it’d tax those minisplits to run without insulation. How important is it for that flooring to be installed in a conditioned space? I know you talk about expansion joints, but would it survive a few months without AC?

    Thanks Joe.