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  • Bruce

    May 13, 2023 at 5:57 pm

    Hi Joe,

    I had been making pretty good progress until my son and daughter-in-law had their twins but I’m ready to get back to it. I did have one thing I wanted to check with you on.

    I tried to make sure the floor is level in the direction I’m running the plank (east-west). I had checked the north-south direction and there were some low spots of a 1/4 inch or so on the north side of the room. I mentioned this earlier and you indicated that you didn’t think there was a problem with it. I haven’t had any problems laying the plank so far. Now that I’m getting closer to the center of the floor, as noted by the chalk line, I checked the level in the north-south direction again.

    There is a saw cut in the floor that runs the length of the floor in the east-west direction (direction the plank is running) which is about 8 inches south of the center line. If I put my 8 foot level so the center is on the saw cut, the level is pretty much within tolerance on the south side of the saw cut but on the north side, at the end of the level (approximately 4 feet away), there is about an inch gap. The first picture shows the level spanning the saw cut and you can see the gap starting at the center, the second picture shows the gap at the end. The third picture shows a little better perspective of the blue center line, the saw cut (where the bubble is) and the level location. This is the same condition (level on one side and a gap on the other side) all the way down the saw cut from the east end to the west end. Essentially, the floor is level on the south side of the saw cut and slopes to the north on the north side. The floor on the south side is also level from east-west, the direction that the plank is running. Hopefully, this isn’t too confusing. I wanted to get your thoughts on if you anticipate any trouble when I cross over the saw cut area.