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  • Wes

    May 2, 2023 at 11:20 am

    Regarding layout…I understand your concerns. There’s a window you can see in that pic…it’s a bedroom window and its carpeted. I can cut out a square of the carpet and get a tape measure on the subfloor. I can shoot a laser through that window and see how it compares to the addition subfloor. Good call. I’ll get that done today. I’m ready to start soonish, but not in a rush.

    Your other wish list about finding a line in that old hallway and measuring from it…that might prove more difficult. There are current walls in place and such that would block us, and one of them is not destined to come out. I’ll think about this.

    My cell is 816-585-8643 if a text or whatever is quicker. Thanks a bunch.