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  • Josh

    February 21, 2021 at 2:27 pm


    Do you have any advice on whether or not we need to remove the glue residue?

    We’ve ripped out the engineered hardwood and have the glue still on the floor. It’s spongey/rubbery but not sticky. We’ve started to remove it in the dining room but it is a process.

    I’m wondering if we can simply install the floating floor on top of the glue (scraping off any high points). We put down about 6 planks to test over the worst part of the house and couldn’t feel the glue underfoot.

    I don’t want to have regrets after the project is over so if that means spending the extra time and muscle to scrap off the old glue, I’ll do it. But if it won’t make a difference I’d rather not do it. ????