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  • scott.mathusek

    November 10, 2022 at 7:03 pm

    Hey Joe. I’m all done with the flooring and I really appreciate your help. Every penny I spent on this service was worth it!

    I do have another question though. I installed the floors before cabinets were installed. I actually went just far enough for the cabinets to barely sit on top of the floor. Truthfully, I did that because I went to the measurement that the builder told me to use. But I also went under the island. The island is 8×4 and will have quartzite countertops. So it will be heavy. By my estimation, it will be roughly 700 lbs total. The manufacturer of the floor said that the warranty is voided if you have anything over 500lbs on the floor. Honestly, I’m not too concerned with the warranty. I don’t think those warranties are worth much anyway, but of course, you would know better than I would.

    Anyway, I’m debating whether I should cut out a rectangle in the floor to place the island in our if I should just keep it the way it is. Im hoping to get your opinion. I realize you probably don’t want to say anything that COULD hurt my floor. I’m not looking for a “whatever the manufacturer says” kind of answer, unless you really believe that. What would you do if it was YOUR floor? My dad, who sells floors for a living, mentioned that the manufacturers are always very conservative on their numbers. What do you think? I don’t want to damage the floor, but I’m also very nervous about messing up the floor when I cut it out