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  • Sigmar

    February 2, 2021 at 8:44 pm

    I’m off to a good start and everything seems to be lining up nicely. I do have a question about locking the ends. Is there a technique to getting them to snap together without having to really beat on them? Some go together pretty easily but the majority I find I’ve got to pound on harder than I’d like. The instructions say “gently” tap and not to hit the seam but there is no way these are clicking together without a fair amount of force and directly on the seam. The long ends go together fine, it’s just the ends that are giving me trouble. I’ve broken a few so far and actually had to backtrack because I noticed one seam was not totally smooth and turned out to be damaged. I am afraid I will be damaging them without knowing even if they seem to be snapped together. I am using SmartCore Pro. Not sure if you’ve had any experience with that product. Thanks!