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  • Rick

    October 18, 2022 at 3:38 pm

    Hey Joe, I’m glad that you were able to work with that link. Now that I know you have something to work with, I will fill you in with the info and answers to your questions from your video reply.


    1. Yes there is a wall where you thought there might be, it divides a pantry and entrance closet.

    2. That is a shower in the main bathroom.

    3. I will be doing the whole house in planks.

    4. I would like to go with plank running east/west.

    5. Will be working on concrete base (radiant in floor heating, plank is rated for it). This is a new build, no trim installed yet.

    6. I have attached 3 photos of the plank box that should answer all your questions in relation to the plank. I have also attached a photo of the actual plank.

    Lastly, my only other item to point out is on the north wall where the patio door is. There is a jut out due to the depth of the icf wall. That is 10″, I didn’t factor that in on my overall width measurement (north/south). I’ve included a photo of it in case it doesn’t make sense.