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  • benlewis71

    October 11, 2022 at 8:30 pm

    Ok, thx. I think I will do the T transition. I just did a smartdraw to share with you. Not sure how necessary it is with just the bathroom getting done. It’s not to scale.

    I almost have the floor flat w Ardex. Taking longer than I figured as usual. Didn’t quite get it done in two coats.

    I watched the videos you recommended thx. Bunch more too. Slowly learning.

    I will put in baseboards and a vanity. My plan is put vanity on top of LVP. I understand this can be risky but if I use a vanity with legs it should be ok. Thoughts?

    Questions: You mentioned starting at the tub. My original plan was to keep the LVP orientation from the rest of the house and this would put the planks perpendicular to the tub. Any thoughts on this? I suppose I could change the orientation to make the tub transition easier but not sure since it won’t be consistent with the rest of the house. I am having some trouble getting straight cuts with the jigsaw for the tub edge.

    Thank you Joe.