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  • Michael

    January 28, 2021 at 12:07 am

    no problem on the delay, I really appreciate the advice. I also apologize for the confusion and for asking the same question twice. I plan to run laminate plank in the direction shown on drawing and leave vinyl floor tile in bathroom. The laminate will run 47 continuous feet from this spot through the hall ending in the front bed room. The flooring I install will be a transition free continuation from the hall flooring already there. My concern is how to address the dip in the sub floor in the area in front of the bathroom. Should I add floor leveler up to the height of the floor tile or slightly above the tile height to get perfectly level with the subfloor? too high and I get a step/trip hazard, too low and its not quite level at the subfloor. no structural issues, floor is sound, I had a carpenter look at it and he said it was done intentionally to eliminate a step at the doorway, says they shaved the floor joist right there, says hes seen it before. of course hes not an experienced laminate floor installer.