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  • Sigmar

    January 26, 2021 at 2:47 am

    Here is some more info. I did some math using the equations in your video. The numbers actually worked out pretty nicely and I think I can go by this. Here are the numbers I came up with:

    10 Planks = 71″

    1 Plank = 7 1/8″ (3 9/16″ Half); Tongue 3/16″

    Hallway Width: 36 1/2″ /2 = 18 1/4″

    *It turns out if I place the seam directly in the middle I get each end piece in the hallway an equal width. I measured 18 1/4″ in two spots and lined them up with a laser level. I then measured the opposite side of the house in two locations to the laser line and the distances were 252 3/4″ and 252 1/2″. I can’t ask for more than that.

    The distance from the laser line to the left wall measured 58 1/2″ so I measured that up against the 10 planks to a seam and that is my first piece, correct?

    The arrow in the attached pic are as follows:

    Red Line = Laser line in hallway at 18 1/4″

    Blue Lines = Distance to opposite wall = 252 3/4″ and 252 1/2″

    Green Line = Start point

    Purple Lines = Direction of floor laying

    Would really appreciate your thoughts.

    Thank you!