securing the floor

This step is very important and I would not skip it. I laugh when I see all these wedges and spacers that companies are selling. They say just slide this wedge in between the laminate and the wall to keep the floor in place. It never works and it will have you so frustrated you will want to quit! I use a couple of simple methods to secure the floor temporarily and trust me it will not move at all.

Here is the first method

First let’s be sure the floor is straight. We need to measure away from the wall that the laminate flooring will be sliding up against. It can be any measurement but we will use 3 feet. I will mark the floor at the 3 foot mark on each end of the wall and then snap a line. Now slide the laminate flooring against the leaving at least a ¼ inch gap. Now measure from the laminate flooring to the line that we just snapped. The goal is to have an equal measurement the entire length of the floor. Once the laminate flooring is straight and in place, it is time to temporarily secure the floor using screws. I drill pilot holes into the laminate every 2 feet. I keep these hose holes close to the wall so the trim will cover them. I usually drill in about ½ inch from the edge of the laminate. These holes can be filled in with colored wood putty that matches the laminate flooring. So if you drill in a little farther from the edge that’s okay. Once you fill them no one will be able to see them anyway.

This video will show everything we just talked about

Here is my most favorite way to secure the floor. It is by far the easiest method to secure the floor!

Securing the floor – over a wood subfloor

How to secure the floor – over a concrete slab

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