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  • Lynn Rogers

    October 13, 2021 at 5:50 pm

    Hi Joe

    I have a couple of questions concerning my floor prep. I and my sister have been busy for several days demolishing the old carpeting and scraping and screwing down a 50 year old subfloor that has lots of squeaks and creaks. I have old vinyl sheet flooring in my kitchen and bathroom. Right now I’m cutting the kitchen floor into sections to pry off the vinyl and it’s underpayment. It looks like there is old glue, paint spills and who knows what on the wooden subfloor. Do I have to scrape or sand that stuff off for Henry’s feather finish to stick to the subfloor? I have scraped off most of the loose stuff that was on the subfloor in the the living room and bedrooms but the kitchen is covered in it!

    Also I have a pretty big dip in part of the kitchen that I was thinking about glueing and screwing down a 1/4 inch thick medium density fiberboard in a 2 x 4ft section of the deepest part of the dip and feathering out all around it.

    I plan to send you a picture tonight of my layout with dips and bumps drawn on it. There is a high beam that runs through the center of the kitchen, living room and bedroom 2 and the floor slopes down towards both sides a bit but that should be manageable since the boards are running along with the beam. I will pay attention to place a joint along the high part and likely glue that joint all along the beam.

    Is there a way to send you a video showing you some of what I’m trying to explain here?