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  • Doug

    October 2, 2021 at 8:30 pm

    @joeletendre Hey Joe, 24 hours ago I never knew what ZBAR was, but today I successfully installed this in 4 transitions and the results were amazing. Another point: When I started watching your free UTUBE videos, you suggested a tool. I think it was a laminate cutter hand tool. It was only $7 for on that jungle site. I bought it because you said I should. Today I realized 2 things. (1) The laminate tool that you recommended has quickly become my #1 tool of preference. (2) Based on the prompt and thorough response you provided to me with my questions as a new “one year” Laminate University subscriber, I would have paid $499 for a one year membership. When you responded to my questions within 10 minutes with a personal video that you had created for me I was blown away. I don’t know how you can scale this to thousands, but I just wanted you to know that your value prop, from my experience, benefits me! Thank you many times over!