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  • Lori

    October 2, 2021 at 4:32 pm

    Hi Joe,

    First if it is your weekend you don’t have to figure this out now. I may not start until Monday or Tuesday.

    When figuring out the center of my hallway you were using 38”1/8 vs 36”1/8 that is on the layout. I twist numbers & letters a lot and understand so no worries. Using my 36 1/8 inches it ends up in weird spots whether I leave it in the center or move it over half a plank. If I move it over a half a plank, it’s just passes to the far end of the post which is too far and I’d left in the center it is too short to hit the post. Do I go ahead and move it over half a plank and then back it up an inch or two so it is still within the post range?

    Have a great weekend,