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  • Doug

    September 30, 2021 at 4:37 pm

    @joeletendre you just blew my mind! First when I noticed that you had replied to my question in just a few minutes I was pleasantly surprised. When I saw that you sent a link I laughed…thinking that you had simply sent me a link to one of your existing videos. When I opened the link to view your video and I realized that you had recorded this video for me I was just blown away! I know of no other site or group where this happens!

    To answer your questions: White tile in front of each door is ceramic tile. We plan to lay the new vinyl plank floor directly on top of this tile. Additional pictures have been added for context. I have also included a pic showing that my vinyl sitting on the moisture pad is indeed higher than the existing door frame. Even if I remove the moisture pad the vinyl is higher than the door frame. THANK YOU for your assistance!