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  • Marena Tiano

    September 29, 2021 at 5:39 pm


    Thanks for the quick response. After watching your video response, I agree that running the planks N – S makes more sense. I also read that running the planks perpendicular to a focal point and windows is a good idea. So I believe it makes the most sense to do it this way especially as it will reduce the amount of time spent working backwards.

    I appreciate your comments on the flooring. I tried a few brands and found this one was within my budget and seemed to click together easier than some others.

    As to your questions, the plank has an underlayment and HD indicates that it is 1 mil thick. It is thicker than many of the other floors I looked at.

    I live in the High Desert, so it is arid and relatively dry. It does not get as hot here as AZ but can reach in the high 90s during the day in the summer. Losing the moisture barrier does make sense. At the stores, they all are recommending underlayment and moisture barriers as well as transitions. It is hard to know what is needed when the salesmen are looking to increase sales.

    I do have radiant heating under the slab that uses a hot water system.

    The question on the T/G is confusing to me. However, starting where you recommended (NE corner of the house), the Tongue would be on the North and East walls. The Grooves would be facing South and West.

    I will attach some pictures once I get the size reduced.