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  • Keith

    August 2, 2021 at 10:48 pm

    Hi Joe… I hope that your wife is doing better… We have been praying for her.

    I am sorry to be again, a pain on this. I will look again very carefully tomorrow as I’ll have more time. I did however do a quick view tonight and still found the same thing. Here is additional specifics of what I found:

    To establish what exactly is called the tongue and what is the groove on the Mannington Apex, I looked at their own quick install video here:

    Fast forward to the 1:30 mark. Based on your first plan which is the second floor, it all makes sense the way you drew it and explained it here on the second floor plan:

    Fast forward to the 9:30 mark on the second floor plan. (Basically looking at both the Mannington video and your second floor video, what you call the groove is the exposed part on the bottom where you actually see a groove that the installing plank drops down into. This is true for both the long and short edges.)

    So on your second floor plan at the 9:43 mark you state that I would start at the upper left and work to the right. So planks go left to right. In addition, I work at the top of the screen and work down into the rooms.

    Second floor makes complete sense to me and I understand all what you said.

    Now on the first floor video: The way the floor plan is shown on the screen and the way you mentioned to start is to work at the very bottom and work up into the rooms, (through the kitchen, etc.) Fast forward to the 13:19 mark is where you said right to left which is correct when I compared it to the second floor and the rules you said about working away from the groove.

    So essentially the way I looked at it is as if I would flip the drawing 180 degrees. Instead of working from the upper left corner, left to right and down…. I would be working in the lower right corner to the left, and then up into the rooms. And initially you had confirmed that in your first floor video when you started. Where things started to go off is at exactly the 17:40 mark on the first floor video. That is where you changed directions from left to right. (With the length wise tongue at the bottom, it would make the short side tongue to the right, correct? So wouldn’t that mean to work away from the groove I would work right to left?)

    Thanks Joe!! … and again, I’m sorry that I’m so confused on this. If after you review we’re still off, maybe we can schedule a live zoom or microsoft teams screen share call?

    Best regards,