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  • Keith

    July 27, 2021 at 10:21 pm

    Hi Joe… I hope you are well?

    Since my Mannington Apex is back order I have been spending my time on floor prep. To that end I finally took a break and watched this main floor video thoroughly through and I started to get real confused. I watched it again and realized it appears you changed the direction of the plank layout around the 18 minute (or so) and then around 42 minute you when back to the correct way (Right to left). (Just before the kitchen to just after.) The problem I see with the butt joint design on the Mannington Apex is I don’t see a way to go reverse end to end (butt to butt) without planning and glue. (I don’t think I can go against the butt joint locking system the way they designed it. But I could be wrong.) Please advise… I fully expect to do plain and glue a number of places (Including butt joints) but to do it on all the butt joints in all the rows through the kitchen seems too much?

    Either way… can you take another look at it and possibly re-do from the 18 minute to 42 minute with the normal right to left flow?

    I so sorry to be a problem here… It is just that those specific areas look really tricky and I don’t want to mess up by mis-interpreting how do do it in reverse.