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  • Keith

    July 7, 2021 at 9:34 pm

    Thanks sooo much for your time on all this Joe! This is all great info!

    I found out that my Mannington order is not due to ship until the end of August. Not a big deal for me though as I just turned 60 and not as nimble and fast moving as I use to be. So I will have the perfect amount of that time for floor prep on the second floor, adding plywood to the master bed and laundry, leveling everything, and putting the stairs in. Might even have all the shoe molding rough cut and painted too. Having all that done ahead of time for when the planks show up… a blessing my friend!

    Just to tie up a couple loose ends… Top stair nose… I will add that to my Mannington order. For the transition to the bathroom on the first floor we will be virtually level with the tile so I’ll order a Mannington ‘T’ transition there. Not sure yet what to do with the second floor bathroom. (See my added picture above.) I want to order those parts tomorrow just to make sure I can reserve stock and get them shipped at the same time as the planks. Here is the link at Mannington:

    Final thoughts and recommendations on those?