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  • Dave

    June 17, 2021 at 9:32 am

    Hey Joe. You are correct on all your assumptions. We do want to do the entire house without transitions. Running planks North South makes sense to me. I am looking at the short hallway to bedrooms 2&3 and thinking with it 36″ wide a center seam is impractical (very thin at the walls.) So I expect you will suggest center plank in the hallway and plan from there. I may want to do the kitchen area last and work from the East walls toward the West. I have watched some videos and read up some on installing vinyl planks, but have little experience with this. So assume I know NOTHING about any of this. ????

    A contractor friend recommended Webcrete 95 for floor prep and I picked up a couple 25lb bags. But if you know of a better product I will go with your recommendation. Attached is a pic of a corner of a plank. Are the longer projecting edges what you call the tongue? If so, starting at the top of the plank and going clockwise T – T – G – G?

    Soli Gloria Deo,