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  • Kira

    May 22, 2021 at 1:45 pm

    Thank you so much Joe for the blue print walk through. So helpful and not overwhelming at all. And yes you pronounced my name correctly the first time “Kera” not “Kara”. I am from Washington so we are having grey weeks and then sunny weeks right now it is sprinkling, I wish I had your heat.

    I install my floors left to right, so opposite of video but it is easy to follow and flip in my head. Such great instructions thank you. I cant measure from front door along bathroom to kitchen unfortunately which is also why I like sub floor lines as they go through all spaces consistently. But I will be brave and snap lines too. So many great tips I had not thought of especially seam lines reconnecting around the center area.

    I realized some of my initial post and question did not go through so sorry to ask more after the video. But in the front door I am not sure how to do the quarter round along door and window. So I was wondering if I could “cheat” and have the board go under jam and secure with screws (screw down method you showed) on outside where there is going to be a baseboard. And that way I could skip the quarter round all together there. There is more than a quarter inch of space under there for exansion. And if the answer is no I am ok with that too, but would I just notch the quarter round around the trim piece between window and door? (Pictures are from my first attempt at laying floors but have been removed so I can deal with the hump).

    Another question I had not thought of til video was in the coat closet there is a crawl space hatch. Is there a video on how to lay flooring on and around a crawl space hatch? Or how do I do that?

    Also in the video you suggested waiting tk do the fillin in bathroom till end. Could I do it earlier after I screw and secure the boards past it on the wall before angle. Having 3 littler kids they are missing the downstairs bathroom so it is more for living whule doing floors. I am a slow and steady installer so it will not be done in a week. Working in project a couple hours a day around life. If i need to wait that is fine but I thought I should atleast ask.

    thank you so much again for your time and help. I hope God blesses you with a wonderful weekend even with the heat.