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  • Brittany

    May 7, 2021 at 11:37 am

    Thanks for your response! Per your advice, I will replace the patio door BEFORE tackling the new floors. I should probably try to have the tile demo in the kitchen done before that happens though. Hopefully, that process is not as difficult as I’m afraid it could be. The demo and floor prep (the foundation is slab on grade) are my biggest worries. The foundation is in good shape and I hope to not have to do much leveling, but you just don’t know until after the demo! (Insert first-time homeowner anxiety here…)

    As for my choice of plank… I took the GIANT plank (Smartcore Ultra XL) and Lifeproof off my list, but I have added Adura Max. I will finalize my choice this weekend, but either option will leave me with a plank size of 7-8″ x 48″.

    I agree with you on the layout. I think that laying the planks “east” to “west” will look the best. Plus, it would be silly to ask the advice of a professional and then ignore their suggestions!

    Thank you for your help and your kind words at the end of your video. I am an estimator in commercial construction and have the tendency to drive my friends and family nuts with my level of detail! Glad to know that it’s helpful here! 🙂

    Thanks again!