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  • Mike

    April 14, 2021 at 6:12 pm

    A bunch of questions, hope I answer them all.

    Error with joining: I am on a PC through your site. Scrolled to the bottom chose the Laminate university, Scrolled to the bottom, selected one year JOIN button, it flips to Paypal page small box paypal box stating my payment has been recorded, return to site. I tried it a few times did the same thing. I then selected the Lifetime Membership, it functioned correct, i backed out and went back into the one year and it worked. I use paypal allot for my business and use an auto password generator so may have something to do with that………

    Regarding the floor Its a pretty high quality locking floor thick, testing it, it will take a mallet to set them. on my plan i have two lines one down the hall and one from the entry through the kitchen just as you did. Starting at the entry and kitchen walls. Eventually I will be doing the master bedroom and the 1/2 bath, have the material, your brief review reinforced some of my ideas. I am reasonably skilled with remodeling, did a 1000 sq ft condo floor with out ever watching a video with no transitions, came out nice,

    <font face=”inherit”>The other question is the </font>varying<font face=”inherit”> width and length of the flooring we selected. </font>—random-width-and-length-10046647.html

    What do you suggest for patterns or the lack there of?

    If i was starting at the front door/kitchen how critical is the need for spacing of 1/4 I have a nice transition at the front door with solid wood along the complete front entry. its a custom door that spans the whole opening. its square and solid so the floor will not move against this surface. I am in northern california and the climate is mild, no extremes. floor is raised foundation, wood. I will use your securing method in the kitchen area as this is typical sheet rock wall.

    Allot of info, If its easier to call me you can, 510-377-3786.