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  • Michael

    March 31, 2021 at 2:22 pm

    Hi Joe,

    Thanks again for all of your recommendations. We have pulled up the carpeting in the first upstairs room and found it needs to be leveled. The subfloor is OSB (not outdoor grade). I looked at Ardex Feather Finish and spoke with their technical service line who said the Ardex feather finish can only be used on grade 1 (outdoor) OSB. Non-outdoor grade will draw moisture from the Ardex and possibly delaminate resulting in uneven areas. Ardex recommends that we should overlay plywood over the floor and then use the Ardex on that new plywood. Doing this would probably mean I would need to install over the entire upper floor, which would be expensive and add time to the job.

    I considered using 30# tar paper, which I have used under Bruce oak hardwood, without issues, but that hardwood was nailed. There is an area about 4′ x 12′ that would need to be built up, more in the center, less on the edges. It dips nearly 3/8″ in the center.

    Any recommendations?