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  • John&Kate

    November 5, 2023 at 2:37 pm

    Joe, many thanks for your replies. Obviously, I/we, were ahead of ourselves with the plank flooring purchase and your education. Yet, that allowed us to better think and plan what we’re doing. We completed our renovation on the master bathroom (S in your video reply). We are 99% complete on the renovation of the main bathroom (N on your video reply #1623). We installed plank on the master bathroom. We ran the plank E-W via your drawing in your video reply. It was a challenge as a first time project, with many small pieces, etc. Yet, your training made it doable with minimal waste and frustration.

    Re: your video reply #1623. Our next project is installing plank on the 2d level. This is an OSB subfloor that is in good shape. We will put plank in the living room (SE on your video reply), kitchen, down the hall, into the 2 hall closets (working backwards in the larger hall closet (S closet on your drawing), and in the main bathroom. The kitchen has the same linoleum that is glued to the subfloor in both bathrooms. That laminate is about a 1/16 of an inch, as you thought on your video reply. We are not putting plank in the bedrooms, they’ll remain carpeted.

    When I did the master bathroom I removed the glued linoleum, per my photo. (Not fun.) Per your suggestion, I will feather the kitchen and main bathroom linoleum, remove curled edges, and lay plank over the linoleum.

    Based on your suggestions, and our review of your Youtubes and University/Bootcamp,we will begin the main floor living room in the SE corner (per your drawing). We will work E-W, laying plank from S to N to the kitchen (per your drawing). This means that we only have to work backwards in the larger hall closet and one plank width along the North side (per your drawing) of the extend kitchen counter top.

    We ran a line down the center of the hall, and used a small (tiny) laser level to extend that line to the fireplace. We’ll verify the square of the line as is possible by measuring from the S outside wall to the line. Then we’ll try tackling the 10-plank method as we shuffle our furniture.

    The stairs from Level 2 to 3 is open rough lumber with a carpeted landing and will remain unchanged. Joe, we do not plan putting plank on Level 3; that will remain carpeted.

    Our project on Level 1 is about a 63 ft sq paneling of the foyer / entryway from the garage to the basement, the bottom of the stairs. (About an imperfect 9 x 7 foot rectangle, long axis N-S per your drawing. The basement, poured concrete floor, is carpeted, as are the stairs between Level 1 to 2. The mechanical room, laundry room, and basement closet have bare concrete floor. If we have panel available, we’ll paneled floor at the base of the stairs, outside the doors to the laundry and mechanical rooms- to the far edge (eastern) of the walking door to the garage (an imperfect rectangle). This foyer receives heavy use and probably never should have received carpet. We will not panel the rest of the basement, the mechanical room, the laundry room, or the small closet.

    As always, appreciate your input, John & Kate