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  • Dan

    September 13, 2023 at 9:22 pm

    Hi Joe,

    Progress has been a little slow with the flooring (decided to paint and put up crown molding), and I’ve had some setbacks (had to take out a few rows after noticing the plank was running crooked), but I’m hopeful that I’ll make some good headway here soon.

    One thing I’m a little uncertain on is how often and in what circumstances I should secure a row, or certain planks, with screws (for example a screw in the subfloor at the very end of the row right against the plank). The reason I ask is that when I do the bridge method of securing the plank, I’m always hammering the pull bar in the same direction (west). One time I tried to hammer a row the other direction (east), and I ended up having a few joints separate over a few rows, and had to take everything up again. I’m pretty sure the answer is just to make sure I’m hammering the pull bar in the same direction, but I thought maybe some screws would help keep things from separating on me. If you have any suggestions about the best times and places to secure with screws, I’d certainly appreciate it.

    Thanks so much!