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  • Sharon

    September 6, 2023 at 9:50 am

    Hey Joe,

    I am uploading the pics so hopefully it will make more sense😊

    The first pics are to show you where the hardwood floor is and by the way you had that correct in your response.

    We ran our hardwoods floors in two directions as you should be able to tell from the pics, but we are wanting to run the new floor all the same direction. Do you think running it the long ways down the hall would be the best direction for our home?

    The next pic is showing you the thickness of our wood floors. We are on a wood floor not concrete slab

    The next pic will be of the kitchen with the island. Do we need to move the island and run it under there? Also what would be pros and cons of running it all the way under the dishwasher?

    We also have the corner round around some of the kitchen cabinets , do we need to remove that and should we put it back?

    My next pic are down the hall that is carpet. The door to right is a bedroom that will remain carpet, how would we transition this? Also the middle room on the left is a bathroom and we are not changing that either. I show a pic of the entry and was wondering how we would do this as well.

    The next pic is of our den with the fireplace. What would you recommend on flooring around this. Also we have tile around our deck door that we have totally made up our mind about if we keep or not. If we keep it what would you suggest as the best way to floor around that? I also shared a pic of pulling the carpet back and where the hardwood is.

    Lastly in our study is a floating floor so I know I will have to remove that , but we have built in desk and I’m thinking we put floor down them this is on top, would I need to remove the built ins and then lay the floor?

    Thank you for all your help,