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  • Tory

    August 28, 2023 at 9:41 am

    Short answer: Yes. I was able to do it. Long answer: I had to keep rewatching a portion of your video and it became more obvious to me that even with plane and glue and having my sheet rock/door jamb up, that I still needed to be able to tap the back of the plank. Both of my glues had dried up from the last time I used it and they both were at least half full. I bought more glue and tried to use it, but eventually, outside of the door jamb, with enough space to tap the plank in from the back, the pull bar seemed to give me the piece of mind, likely because I had been using the pull bar throughout the installation (thus far), especially after you mentioned: “Don’t get worked up about which planks you need to pull” (for plane and glue).