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  • Tory

    August 22, 2023 at 12:17 am

    Good morning Joe,

    For reference, I’m at 7:55 of your video here:

    Inadvertently I just caught myself trying to mimic my home builder’s way of not undercutting of sheet vinyl since this island toe kick plate is fully intact, but rather “inserted into quarter round” by cutting out an appropriate size toe kick plate insert into the quarter round. On the other side of the island, quarter round is mitered into the brown accent piece (not sure what this “rod is called”).

    Should I proceed with the quarter round toe kick place insert to prevent from having to rip up about 4 rows width wise (length of the entire kitchen) of LVP for the entire island? (It looked undercut to me at first before I pulled things apart.) By the way, I’m planning to use PVC quarter round in the kitchen. Or should take I just take it up now, since I’m not past the island yet and possibly won’t regret it later? Would it have been advisable that I undercut the island “rod” on (both sides of) the back? Or would there possibly be some electrical wires that run along these “rod” corners?